Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Kushiro JR Station 钏路駅

Kushiro JR Station (K53), on Nemuro main line.
Super Ozora, limited express train serves between Sapporo and Kushiro.


- Kushiro Airport is about 45 mins bus ride away from Kushiro JR Station.
Bus schedule:

- Kushiro JR Station is the interchange train station for Nemuro main line and Senmo main line:
(1) travel westwards along the Nemuro main line to Obihiro.
(2) travel eastwards along the Nemuro main line to Nemuro.
Do you know? Those who know Japanese manga series well may be familiar with Lupin III (ルパン三世). The artist behind this masterpiece was born in Hamanaka, a small town that lies along the train route between Kushiro and Nemuro. To commemorate the success of this manga series, some of the train carriages serving the route between Kushiro and Nemuro are wrapped with pictures featuring characters from Lupin III.   
Check out the date of travel for this train:
(3) travel northwards along the Senmo main line to Kawayu Onsen, Shiretoko-shari and Abashiri.


What's nearby?

(1) Washo Market (和商巿场): less than 5 mins walk from train station. As Kushiro has one of the biggest fishing port in Hokkaido, a wide selection of the freshest seafood can be found in this market. Get a bowl of Kushiro's specialty Katte don here - rice bowl topped up with your favourite treasures of the sea!

(2) Hotels
Similar to Obihiro, many business hotel chains have set up branches around the train station, such as Route Inn, Toyoko Inn, Comfort Hotel and Super Hotel. Stayed in Kushiro Royal Inn for one night during this trip.

(3) Fisherman's Wharf MOO & Nusamai Bridge (幣舞桥): walk straight along Kita Odori for about 15 mins. Nusamai Bridge is well-known for its scenic spot for sunset viewing - did not manage to catch that during this trip.


Commemorative stamp:

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