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Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Rokkatei (Main store) 六花亭本店

Visited 03.02.2013

Hokkaido is well-known for its exquisite and delicious sweets and confectionery. A handful of the well-known brands originates from Tokachi subprefecture. Reason being the main ingredients of these products such as wheat, sugar beet and beans are cultivated in the Tokachi plains.

Apart from Shiroi Koibito's Chocolat Blanc et Langue de chat (白色恋人), Royce' Chocolates and Calbee's Jaga Pokkuru, one other brand that will never go unnoticed in souvenir shops is Rokkatei. Rokkatei has emerged to become a trademark of Obihiro since its existence in 1933. Even though Rokkatei's products can be found in almost every souvenir shop in Hokkaido, to taste the most extensive collection of sweets and confectionery, you will still have to visit the larger scale stores or this main store in Obihiro.

This main store is located 10 mins walk away from the north exit of train station (nearby Fujimaru departmental store). The large selection and range of products available in this shop is indeed an eye opener, as compared to those you get in the airport or other parts of Hokkaido! The sweets can be purchased individually here (while you are only get them in boxes containing a certain quantity in other shops), thus allowing customers to buy a greater variety of products. A small cafe is located in one corner, serving their signature cream puffs and biscuits and free coffee available to go with these light desserts.



- Top left hand corner picture: yellow wrapper: sesame and miso seeds biscuits; transparent wrapper: soybean and caramel sweet; white wrapper (on the bottom right): from the Northern Country -
(1) Sesame and miso seeds biscuits (ずいずいずっころばし): wrapped in yellow packaging, the fragrance of sesame can be detected upon tearing open the wrapper. Simply adore the crispy texture of this biscuit.
Side note: Bought a piece of this biscuit to try and wanted to get more in the airport before departing Hokkaido. To my dismay, I could not find this in Hakodate Airport. Therefore, do purchase them first if you happen to find the biscuits in larger stores to avoid disappointment.

(2) From the Northern Country (北の国から): this biscuit was developed to commemorate the 30th anniversary broadcast of this popular long running drama serial in Hokkaido, Kita no Kuni Kara (from the Northern Country). This product may actually looks simple, milk chocolate sandwiched between marseillan biscuits, but the milk chocolate filling is extremely smooth and delicious! Managed to find this in the airport.  

(3) Soybean with caramel (マルセイキャラメル): this tasty sweet was only introduced late last year. Not overly sweet, crunchy bits of soybean can be savoured with every bite. May not be available in the airport (did not find this in Hakodate Airport).

(4) Other signature products - marseillan butter sand biscuits (raisins and cream sandwiched between two pieces of biscuits, マルセイバターサンド), chocolate biscuits sandwiched with white chocolate (雪やこんこ), strawberries coated with white or milk chocolate, various types of chocolates (dark, milk, matcha and white): these products can be found in the airport.


Rokkatei (Main store) 六花亭本店
Opening hours: 0900 - 1900 hrs


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