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Japan Autumn Nov 2017 一人で日本の旅 - Omuro Keishokudo おおむろ軽食堂

Visited 13.11.2017 (Mon)

Lunch. It was about lunch time after transiting back to the foot of Omuroyama by chairlift. Decided to settle my lunch here before heading back to Izu Kogen Station. In fact, before I ascended Omuroyama earlier in the day, I was already attracted to this natural modern looking restaurant situated at the entrance of chair lift station. Though keishoku (軽食) means light meals, the food served here at Omuro Keishokudo are actually more intricate than simple snacks. Firstly, all the main courses here are accompanied by appetiser plate and dessert. There is also decent variety of rice bowls and udon to choose from the menu. For example, rice bowl topped with freshly caught shirasu (whitebait) from Usami Port or chicken marinated with soy sauce and simmered in bonito flavoured broth (とりてり丼). On the other hand, the udon noodles are served with vegetable tempura, soy sauce marinated pork or butter flavoured clams. Being a fan of fried food, I could resist not ordering their fried fish rice bowl, which happens to be one of their most popular food item on their menu. In addition to that, seafood is a specialty of Izu Peninsula because of its coastal geographical location.

Exquisite. I was already quite impressed by the outlook of the appetiser at the beginning of my lunch course. Served on a rustic ceramic tile, the appetiser was made up of five different food items which varied from day to day. Featuring seasonal and locally grown ingredients, each appetiser dish on the plate has its own distinct flavour to whet diners' appetite. The fried fish rice bowl definitely earned its place as the signature creation here. The fillets were lightly breaded and deep fried to mouth watering shade of golden brown colour. Cooked to the right texture with its moisture retained completely, I was pleasantly satisfied by the outcome of the fried fish fillets. Halfway through, I finished the rest of my rice bowl in ochazuke style, by pouring dashi over rice. I have always enjoyed ochazuke since this is quite similar to how I will soak my last bit of rice in soup/broth and eventually slurp up everything at one go back at home. Dessert was served promptly after I finished my bowl of ochazuke. Comprised of a simple sweet, pudding and a bowl of lukewarm maccha, this delectable dessert set wrapped up the entire lunch course delightfully. One other noteworthy feature of Omuro Keishokudo to pay attention to while enjoying your meal is their tablewares which are all handmade,  piece by piece, by a local pottery workshop in Ito city.

Conclusion. I have to say that I am surprised to discover such a good restaurant located in a tourist attraction and I am quite sure that the relaxing ambience and delicious food served here can/will attract a decent group of people to return on another day... solely just to enjoy a meal here!

My bill:
- Fried fish don 地魚フライ丼 - 1,566 yen (tax inclusive)


Omuro Keishokudo おおむろ軽食堂
伊東市富戸1317-5大室山リフト館1F; located near the entrance of Omuroyama chairlift station.
Operating hours: 1000 - 1600 hrs

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