Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Kotsuki River 甲突川

Visited 26.03.2014

Last minute. As the full bloom period only took place on the last few days of our trip in Kyushu, was hoping to witness the short lived beauty of Sakura again before we depart from Japan. Did a last minute search online and found this cherry blossom viewing spot which is within walking distance from Kagoshima Chuo JR Station. After alighting from the train, we had to quicken our walking pace to get to the park situated alongside Kotsuki River as we had only an hour to spare before boarding the next train to Kumamoto.

The walk from the train station took about 10 minutes. Kotsuki River runs through the city center of Kagoshima. There are about 500 cherry blossom trees planted along the river bank, therefore making this a popular hanami spot during spring, between late Mar to mid Apr. The river bank has started to turn pink on the day of our visit and should be at its best a few days later. Did not walk too far down the river bank because of time constraint. Perform a quick stroll with my head tilted upwards to look at the trees, tapping my camera phone occasionally to capture the different faces of cherry blossom flowers. Mesmerised by the beautiful flowers, we almost forgot about the time and had to rush back to catch the northbound train. Though it was a short encounter, seeing these delicate flowers again was a great way to end my short stay in Kagoshima Prefecture!


Kotsuki River 甲突川
Cherry blossom blooming period: late Mar to mid Apr

How to get there? 
Approx 10 minutes walk from Kagoshima Chuo JR Station. Turn left from the East exit. Along the way, you will see Kagommafurusato Yataimura (かごっまふるさと屋台村).

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