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Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Lake Ikeda 池田湖

Visited 25.03.2014

View of Lake Ikeda from an elevation.
This was the second place we came to during our sightseeing taxi ride in Ibusuki. Lake Ikeda is largest lake in Kyushu: about 15 m wide in circumference and 233 m deep.

Our driver brought us to two different spots to view Lake Ikeda. The first one was at an elevation, which provided a panoramic view of this beautiful caldera lake with the majestic Mt Kaimon in the background. Could not locate the exact position on Google Map. The only information I could trace about this place was from Ibusuki Kankou Taxi website (指宿観光タクシー) and it is known as Ikeda Ohashi (池田大橋). Cherry blossom trees are found at this observation spot, which further elevate its beauty during spring. I believe this place is only accessible via car at this point of time.

Bottom right: Statue of a long neck creature, which was once spotted in the mysterious lake, found at the second spot
The second location is at ground level and is accessible via local buses. A huge statue of a long necked creature is erected beside the lake. It was said that many years ago, this creature named Isshi (イッシー) was spotted in the caldera lake. Huge mottled eels, which inhabited in Lake Ikeda are kept in an aquarium that occupied one small section of the souvenir shops. One other attraction at this spot is the adjacent fields which are covered with flowers at different time of the year - rape seed in spring and cosmos in summer.

Which is better? I will recommend admiring the scenery of the lake and Mt Kaimon from an elevation. The view at grade level felt less captivating despite the blooming field of flowers in the foreground.


Lake Ikeda 池田湖
〒891-0312, 鹿児島県指宿市池田中浜

How to get there? 
From Ibusuki JR Station (指宿駅), board the bus heading for Mt Kaimon and Nagasakibana. The duration of the bus journey is approx 35 minutes.
Bus schedule (in Japanese):

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