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Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Inasayama Observatory 稲佐山山頂展望台

Visited 19.03.2014

How the night scenery should look like on a clear day.
Voted as the new top 3 night scenery in the world (alongside Hong Kong and Monaco), Mt Inasa (Inasayama) has risen to become one of Nagasaki's most prominent attraction. Been to Mt Hakodate and Mt Moiwa in Hokkaido, to admire the night scenery of Hakodate & Sapporo city respectively. To date, my vote still goes to Mt Hakodate because of the unique looking landscape and breathtaking night view.

Mt Inasa stands at 333 m tall and visitors can get a good view of Nagasaki Harbour and Nagasaki city from the observation platform. As the night comes closer, the entire city gradually lights up, creating a spectacular, jewel-sparkling night scenery. It is also referred to as "10 million dollars" night scenery because it cost that much to provide the electrical energy to light up the city!

Took a bus and alighted at Ropeway mae bus stop. Walked towards this big torii which led to the ropeway station (Fuchi Shrine station) at the foot of Inasayama. Before we bought the ticket, we were informed that the view from the observatory was not clear that night. After much contemplation, we stick to the plan and prayed that the weather would improve when we reached the summit. Got off from the ropeway and walked another 5 mins to reach the observatory. Unfortunately, the fog continued to mask our view and we could not capture the best side of Nagasaki city on that night. However, solely based on the landscape, I will still retain my vote on Mt Hakodate.

Ropeway ticket to replace the poor quality photos taken that night.

Inasayama Observatory 稲佐山山頂展望台
Opening hrs: 0900 - 2200 hrs
Round trip = 1,230 yen; Single trip = 720 yen

How to get there:
(1) Nagasaki Ropeway (長崎ロープウェイ):
Take Bus 3 or 4 from Nagasaki JR Station to Ropeway-mae (ロープウェイ前) bus stop, walk another 2 mins to Fuchi Shrine station (ロープウェイ淵神社駅) to board the ropeway for Inasadake.

Note: Ropeway is suspended for service till 5 Feb 2016 for maintenance work. During this period, buses are deployed to ferry visitors from Nagasaki JR Station to Mt Inasa summit (every 2 hourly on weekdays and hourly on weekends). Do note that prior reservations are required to take this bus service. Bus fee = 1,000 yen
Temporary bus service to Mt Inasa:


Video: Inasayama Observatory were featured in 遇约九州, a Taiwan produced travel program promoting Kyushu. Scroll to 29:40 for their recommendation.

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