Monday, May 18, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Nagasaki JR Station 長崎駅, Nagasaki City Streetcar 長崎電気軌道

Nagasaki JR Station, the terminus station on Nagasaki main line.

The following trains serve this station:

(1) Seaside Liner, a local train which commutes between Sasebo and Nagasaki. Time taken to travelled between both locations is ~90 mins.

(2) Kamome, a limited express train which commutes between Hakata and Nagasaki.

Left corner: Ltd Express Kamome departing from Nagasaki JR Station; Right corner: Castella cake can be purchased from souvenir shops in the train station. 

What's nearby?

(1) Nagasaki City Streetcar (Nagasaki Denki Kidou 長崎電気軌道)
The most convenient way (for tourists) to explore Nagasaki city is to ride on its streetcar! The streetcar network is pretty extensive and most of the attractions are within walking distance from the streetcar stops. Each trip cost 120 yen, regardless of the number of stops travelled. If you are transferring to another line to continue your journey, do request for a transfer ticket from the driver before alighting the streetcar.

Nagasaki City Streetcar Map
Alternatively, purchase a one day pass at 500 yen for unlimited streetcar usage if you plan to take the streetcar more than 4 times/day. The pass can be purchased from the tourist information center in Nagasaki JR Station and front desks of selected hotels. Got mine from Washington Hotel, which is located opposite to Dormy Inn Hotel (the hotel I stayed in).

Right: 1 day streetcar pass
(2) AMU Plaza & JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki
A shopping complex, which is owned by JR Kyushu, is connected seamlessly to the train station. AMU Plaza houses a cinema and popular brands such as GAP, MUJI, ABC Mart and even Tower Records. If you wish to stay close to train station, JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki will be a good option. 
AMU Plaza:
JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki:

(3) Buses (to Mt Inasa Ropeway)
Take Bus 3 or 4 from the train station to Ropeway-mae (ロープウェイ前) bus stop, walk another 2 mins to Fuchi Shrine Station (ロープウェイ淵神社駅) to board the ropeway for Mt Inasa.
Note: Ropeway is suspended for service till 5 Feb 2016 for maintenance work. During this period, buses are deployed to ferry visitors from Nagasaki JR Station to Mt Inasa summit (every 2 hourly on weekdays and hourly on weekends). Do note that prior reservations are required to take this bus service. 
Temporary bus service to Mt Inasa:


Commemorative stamps: 

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