Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Takeo Onsen JR Station 武雄温泉駅 , Kairodo Saga Beef Sukiyaki Bento 佐賀牛すき焼き弁当

Takeo Onsen JR Station, along Sasebo line.

The following limited express trains stop at this station:
(1) Limited Express Midori train, commutes between Hakata & Sasebo.
(2) Limited Express Huis Ten Bosch train, commutes between Hakata & Huis Ten Bosch.
Time taken to travel from Hakata to Takeo Onsen is ~70 mins.

This train station will also become part of Kyushu Shinkansen - West Kyushu route, which is currently under construction. West Kyushu route will run from Takeo Onsen to Nagasaki, passing by Ureshino Onsen, Omura and Isahaya. However, service is expected to start only from 2023 onwards.



Apart from Ureshino Onsen, the other fond memory I had of Saga Prefecture was its beef ekiben! Sold by the cafe "Kairo-do" located within Takeo Station JR Station, this "Saga Beef Sukiyaki Bento (佐賀牛すき焼き弁当)" has been voted the best in Kyushu for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013.
Saga has always been well known for its high quality marbled beef. But what surprised me was A5 grade beef, the highest standard among all, is utilised for this ekiben! Be overwhelmed by the sweet fragrant sukiyaki sauce when you unveiled the packaging. Well-marinated meat is laid over rice, which is already infused with the rich flavours of both the sauce and beef. Tender and juicy beef is so appetising that makes one yearn for more!

Priced at 1,300 yen (~15 SGD), this ekiben is definitely worth a try!

Kairodo (カイロ堂)'s website: http://kairodo.com/


What's nearby? 

(1) Tourist Information Center, located within the train station.

(2) Takeo Onsen, a hot spring town which traces its history almost 12 centuries back, is about 15 mins walk away from the train station. Will want to explore Takeo Onsen and Takeo city on my next trip.

Clear directions to bus stop for Ureshino line JR Bus.
(3) JR Bus for Ureshino Onsen
Bus fee = 660 yen
Follow directions to the bus stop and board the Ureshino line (嬉野線) JR Bus heading for Ureshino Onsen. 30 mins to hourly bus interval and the time taken to Ureshino Onsen Bus Terminal is about 30 mins.
Bus schedule: http://www.jrkbus.co.jp/rosen_map/ureshino_route01.html


Commemorative stamps: 

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