Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Toyotamahime Shrine 豐玉姬神社 (Ureshino Onsen 嬉野温泉)

Visited 17.03.2014

Though Ureshino Onsen town seemed secluded and quiet, there are ample markers on the streets to direct visitors to its attractions. Decided to visit two places in Ureshino Onsen after lunch - Toyotamahime Shrine and Todoroki no taki. Toyotamahime (Princess Toyotama) Shrine is located in the center of the Ureshino Onsen town. Approx. 5 mins walk from Ureshino Onsen Bus Center, just follow the signage and keep a look out for a narrow slip road with torii, which will eventually lead to the shrine.


Toyotamahine, who is the god of sea's daughter, is being worshipped in this shrine. Because of her alluring appearance and beautiful skin, she was also referred to as the "goddess of beauty skin". A smaller shrine that contains a 1 m long, white porcelain catfish statue, is dedicated to Toyotamahime's catfish servant. Apart from the natural therapeutic effects of Ureshino's hot spring water to the skin, it is believed that praying in this shrine can also bring along healthy and beautiful skin. First scoop some water from the side and pour it over the entire length of the catfish body. Next, touch the catfish statue gently and wish for healthy and beautiful skin.


Toyotamahime Shrine 豐玉姬神社
~5 mins walk from Ureshino Onsen Bus Center.

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