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Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Snow Brand Parlour 雪印パーラー

Visited 10.02.2013

Left: I am No. 1; Right: Dream Jumbo Parfait
Snow Brand may sound familiar to some of us in Singapore. Does Neo Soft Vegetable Oil Spread ring a bell? Yes, this is one of the huge range of dairy products manufactured by Snow Brand. They have a limited number of products featured in Singapore (so far I have only seen butter, margarine and cheese here). Got to taste their milk when I was in Hokkaido. Love the rich and creamy flavour of the milk (does all Hokkaido milk taste so good?) and the reason to why the milk tasted so good is because of its higher milk fat content (3.6%). Like it so much that I had milk everyday throughout my trip in Hokkaido!

Left: Tropical fruits parfait; Right: Chocolate parfait
Snow Brand is a locally renowned name in Hokkaido, established way back in 1925. In Hokkaido, they also operates several cafes/restaurants, selling ice-cream and parfaits. Visited their flagship store, Snow Brand Parlour, located within walking distance from both Sapporo subway station and former Hokkaido Government Office. Had a scoop of Snow Brand's royal vanilla ice cream at New Chitose Airport previously (on my first trip to Hokkaido) and was totally captivated by the taste! Have been thinking of this ice cream since then - definitely one of the best ice cream I have ever had.

Snow Brand very own Royal Special Ice Cream
This cafe features jumbo sized parfaits to satisfy those with sweet tooth. The largest of them all, "Dream Jumbo Parfait" is stuffed with ice creams of various flavours, mixed fruits, Baumkuchen cakes, topped up with fresh cream. At least require a group of 8 (with empty stomachs) to gobble down this gigantic parfait. Go for the other signature parfait "I am No. 1" if you are visiting in a smaller group. Ordered two regular sized parfaits, tropical fruits and chocolate. Both tasted very good and we regretted not ordering "I am No. 1" to challenge! Ordered the royal special ice cream too and it was as satisfying as my first encounter at the airport. This royal special ice cream was actually made specially for Emperor and Empress during their visit to Hokkaido in 1963. It took Snow Brand half a year to create this ice cream that contains 16% milk fat, 4 times higher than normal whole milk. You can imagine how rich this ice cream is just by judging on its milk fat content - truly a "sinful" dessert that you can only savour "once in a blue moon" due to health consideration.


Snow Brand Parlour 雪印パーラー
〒060-0003 札幌市中央区北3条西3丁目1番地
Opening hours: 0900 - 2100 hrs; 1000 - 2100 hrs (2F cafe)

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Video: Cafe was featured in 食尚玩家. Fast forward to 14:10 for their feature on this cafe.

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