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Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Sapporo Sweets Cafe さっぽろスイーツカフェ

Visited 10.02.2013

Japan is well known for their intricate desserts. I can still remember being fully captivated by the delicious rich and creamy milk pudding on my first trip to Tokyo. In Hokkaido, desserts is truly a signature of this northern island. This is because almost all ingredients required to create this delicacy, such as wheat, dairy products, eggs and fruits, are produced/cultivated locally. Therefore, freshness is guaranteed over here!

Sapporo Sweets Cafe serves like a "satellite" shop, showcasing sweets made by different confectionery stores located in Hokkaido and the selection changes on a monthly basis. Sweets and confectionery from 5 - 6 patisseries are featured monthly in this shop. A competition is also held annually in which Sapporo Sweets Kingdom Promotion Council selects the best sweets/confectionery created for the year! A prestigious recognition indeed.

The cafe is located in the underground shopping mall, Aurora Town, just beneath Odori Park. Upon arrival during lunch time, the cafe was already fully occupied. Fortunately, the wait was not too long (about 15 minutes). Was definitely spoilt for choice as there was a decent variety of sweets/confectionery on display at the front counter... and all looked equally delicious! Picked a mont blanc, pear tart (which was beautifully arranged as a flower) and strawberry cake, and ordered drinks to go with the desserts. Like the mont blanc in particular as the chestnut puree was very rich in flavour. Overall, a very good place for afternoon tea, especially when you get to taste novel creations by local pastry chefs all at the same time without having to travel to different cafes.


Sapporo Sweets Cafe さっぽろスイーツカフェ
Located underground in Aurora Town
Opening hours: 1000 - 2000 hrs

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