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Chugoku Sanyo, San-in 中国地方山陽、山陰 - Shin Iwakuni JR Station 新岩国駅

Shin Iwakuni JR Station (新岩国駅) is located on Sanyo Shinkansen line in Yamaguchi Prefecture. This train station only serves the high speed rail and should not be confused with Iwakuni JR Station (岩国駅). As compared to Iwakuni JR Station, this train station is closer to Kintaikyo, an iconic wooden arch bridge constructed using sophisticated techniques developed in the past and a pride of Iwakuni city.

Shinkansen serving Shin Iwakuni JR Station include:
(1) Kodama (こだま), commutes between Okayama and Hakata.
Kodama is the "slowest" Shinkansen among the fleet of trains because it stops at every train station on Sanyo Shinkansen line.


What's nearby?

(1) Iwakuni Bus 岩国バス
- Bus Stop 1: To Kintaikyo and Iwakuni JR Station (岩国駅~錦帯橋~新岩国駅)
Bus schedule:
- Weekdays:
- Weekends and public holidays:
Train fares and duration:
- Between Shin-Iwakuni JR Station and Kintaikyo = 350 yen, 13 minutes
- Between Shin-Iwakuni JR Station and Iwakuni JR Station = 540 yen, 30 minutes

(2) Seiryu Shin-Iwakuni Station 清流新岩国駅, about 10 minutes walk away from train station.
This train station is part of Nishikigawa Seiryu Line (錦川清流線) and is entirely owned by Nishikigawa Tetsudo (錦川鉄道). Therefore, train fares along this line are not covered by JR West Rail Passes.
An alternative way to get to Iwakuni JR Station is to board a train from here, heading towards Iwakuni JR Station, the terminus station which is located three train stations away. Train fare = 420 yen

After the last station, Nishikicho Station (錦町駅), riders can hop onto this special tram named Tokotoko Train (とことこトレイン) which continues the journey through beautifully decorated and illuminated tunnels and eventually terminates at Sozukyo Onsen (雙津峽溫泉).
This tram only operates on stipulated dates (usually on weekends and public holidays) and makes about three round trips per day.
Tokotoko Train:
Tokotoko Train schedule:

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