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Japan Autumn Nov 2017 一人で日本の旅 Ibaraki 茨城県 - Day 1: Mito-shi 水戸市

On my most recent stay in Japan, I managed to cover three main prefectures: Ibaraki, Shizuoka and Tottori, with short transitions made in Shimane and Okayama. It took me slightly more than two weeks to accomplish this and I would say the pace was considered moderate in comparison to my previous solo expedition in Tohoku region more than a year ago. Utilised 14 Days Japan Rail Pass to cover majority of my transportation expenditure. This is also the first time I planned my itinerary while travelling; something I have not done before. Has its pros and cons; my schedule was more flexible and it could accommodate changing weather conditions; however at the back of my mind, I knew there were more places I could have visited if I had been more well prepared. Regardless of the hits and misses, I am still amazed by how much this country has to offer despite multiple visits!


Day 1: 06.11.2017 (Mon)
* Day 1 of 14 Days Japan Rail Pass

Ueno JR 上野駅 (0830 hrs) > Mito JR 水戸駅 (0949 hrs)
🚆 by Limited Express Tokiwa 53 ときわ.

🏨 Checked in: Toyoko Inn Mito Eki Minami Guchi 東横イン水戸駅南口

🚲 Rented bicycle from South Exit Rental Bicycle Station[500 yen]

Visited Lake Senba (Senba-ko) 千波湖.

Visited Kairakuen 偕楽園 and Kobuntei 好文亭. [200 yen]

Lunch: Nakaya Soba な嘉屋そば, located on 1F of Keisei Department Store 京成百貨店

Visited Koudoukan 弘道館. [200 yen]

Dinner: Soup Stock Tokyo スープストック東京, at Mito JR Station.

- End of Day 1 -

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