Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Kagoshima Chuo JR Station 鹿児島中央駅, Kagoshima City Tram 鹿児島市電

Kagoshima Chuo JR Station, serves both the local trains and Kyushu Shinkansen.
* Please take note that Kagoshima Chuo and Kagoshima JR Station are two different train stations. Only the former is part of Kyushu Shinkansen line.

Main lines include:
(1) Kyushu Shinkansen line. Kagoshima Chuo is the southernmost terminus station on the line.
- Sakura and Mizuho commute between Kagoshima Chuo and Shin Osaka, on both Kyushu and Sanyo Shinkansen line.
- Tsubame commutes between Kagoshima Chuo and Hakata.

(2) Kagoshima main line, connects Kagoshima to Kumamoto and Hakata.

(3) Ibusuki Markurazaki line, connects Kagoshima to Ibusuki and Markurazaki.

Special sightseeing and limited express train departing from Kagoshima Chuo JR Station include:
(1) Hayato no kaze (隼人の風), commutes between Yoshimatsu and Kagoshima Chuo.

(2) Ibusuki no Tamatebako (指宿の玉手箱), commutes between Kagoshima Chuo and Ibusuki.

(3) Limited Express Kirishima, commutes between Kagoshima Chuo and Miyazaki. 


What's nearby?

(1) AMU Plaza and Bic Camera
Both are connected to the train station. Managed by JR Kyushu, AMU Plaza houses popular brands such as Uniqlo, MUJI, Tokyu Hands, ABC Mart, Tower Records. There is even a ferris wheel on the roof of AMU Plaza. Named as Amuran Ferris Wheel, it provides a bird's eye view of downtown Kagoshima and nearby Sakurajima. 
AMU Plaza Kagoshima:

(2) Kagoshima City Tram 鹿児島市電
- The network is made up of two lines:
Route 1: tram commutes between Taniyama and Kagoshima ekimae.
Route 2: tram commutes between Korimoto and Kagoshima ekimae, via Kagoshima Chuo ekimae.
- Each trip cost 160 yen, regardless of the number of stops travelled.
- A one day unlimited tram pass cost 600 yen. Can be purchased from Tourist Information Center in Kagoshima Chuo JR Station, post offices and hotels in Kagoshima city. 

From Kagoshima Chuo ekimae,
- take Route 2 and alight at Tenmonkandori (天文館通), where the heart of Kagoshima city lies in. This is one of Kagoshima city's busiest entertainment district where numerous eateries and shops are located in.  
- take Route 2, alight at Suizokukan Guchi (水族館口) and transfer to 15 minutes ferry ride to visit Sakurajima.

Peeked into Yatai mura just before we left Kagoshima.
(3) Kagommafurusato Yataimura かごっまふるさと屋台村
There is a street hawker village otherwise known as "yatai" located about 10 minutes walking distance from Kagoshima Chuo JR Station. This is definitely one place to head down to if you want to try local gourmet dishes or immerse yourself transiently into local culture. Wanted very much to pay this place a visit but had to give the idea up due to time constraint (only stayed in Kagoshima city for 1 night).


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