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Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch ホテルオークラJRハウステンボス

Stayed 18.03.2014 (1 night)
Booked thru' Japanican.

Staying near Huis Ten Bosch was already part of the initial plan because I foresee we would be spending the entire day in the theme park. The lead option was to stay within the theme park, and there are three hotels to choose from - Hotel Amsterdam, Hotel Europe and Hotel ForestVilla. Gave up the idea almost immediately after knowing the room rates (~40,000 yen for a twin room in Hotel Amsterdam and ~50,000 yen for a twin room in Hotel Europe & Hotel ForestVilla). The cheaper options were Hotel Okura and Hotel Nikko, and both of them were located near the entrance of the theme park. Chose the former because it was the closest to the train station.


- Design of this building was inspired by Amsterdam Central Railway Station. The exterior looks very elegant and majestic, and felt like it was part of the theme park. Personally I haven't been to Amsterdam before, but it does bear high resemblances to the pictures found online.

View of Huis Ten Bosch from hotel room.
- Booked the twin room (facing train station, inclusive of breakfast) at 20,000 yen (~125 SGD). Not too sure whether it was due to low occupancy rate that day, our rooms were upgraded to the side facing the theme park. A good view of Huis Ten Bosch and European style cottages/houses can be seen from our room, which made this upgrade pretty worthwhile. Room was very spacious (>30 m2) and cosy, more than enough for a good night rest after spending the entire day & evening in the park.

Theme park beautifully lit up as the sky darkened.
- Hotel also has its own hot spring communal baths, and apparently this is the only one you can find around the area. Hot spring source contains sodium and calcium chlorides, and water is slightly brownish in colour due to the presence of iron and manganese. Public bath facilities are closed between 0000 to 0600 hrs, and tend to get crowded after the theme park is closed for the day (everyone flocking back to take a bath before bedtime). Visited the public bath early in the morning (~ 0615 hrs) and was surprised to see quite a decent group of people enjoying their first soak of the day. There is a Family Mart (but not operating around the clock, till 2300 hrs), souvenir shop (where you can grab Huis Ten Bosch's related merchandises, till 2200 hrs) and even a bakery (till 1900 hrs) are operated within the hotel.

Bottom: Breakfast facing the houses and dock in Camellia restaurant.
- Breakfast was held in Camellia (カメリア). Selected a seat near the tall glass windows overlooking beautiful European style houses and their own dock. Meal was buffet style with a good selection of both Western and Japanese cuisine. Was targeting the Western section for that morning. Excited to see a omelette station where you can choose your favourite fillings and have your food cooked on the spot by the chef. There were also various types of bread to choose from, however still not as impressive as what I have experienced before in Hokkaido (Kushiro Royal Inn).

- In short, Hotel Okura has a lot to offer: convenient location to the biggest theme park in Nagasaki, cosy rooms, hot spring facilities and various restaurants all housed within this majestic looking building.


Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch ホテルオークラJRハウステンボス
 〒859-3296 長崎県佐世保市ハウステンボス町10番
< 5 mins walk from Huis Ten Bosch JR Station.

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