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Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Lucky Pierrot ラッキーピエロ (十 宇 街銀座店)

Visited 12.02.2013

Lucky Pierrot is a burger restaurant chain which originated from Hakodate. They have a total of 16 outlets and all of them are located in Hakodate only. However, its exclusivity does not stop here. Each restaurant has its own unique theme, aimed to create different dinning experience in all its branches. As their signature food is burger, Lucky Pierrot is often mistaken as a conventional fast food restaurant. This is not entirely true as they only prepare your food after order is placed.

Came to Jujigai branch for dinner after visiting Mt Hakodate. Very eye catching exterior, with a huge Santa Claus stand placed at its entrance and many other Santa Claus figurines placed on the second and third floors' balcony. This particular branch is Christmas themed and the festive spirit can be felt immediately upon stepping into the restaurant. Cosy setting with European style wallpaper and lacquered wooden furnishing, familiar Christmas tunes played in the background and entire restaurant is decorated with evergreen foliage, Christmas trees and countless number of Santa Claus figurines (in different shapes and sizes)!

Ordered our food from the counter on the first floor and headed up to second floor to find a table. Had to try the shop's most popular Chinese chicken burger (チャイニーズチキンバーガー), which clocked a magnificent sales volume of 300,000 annually! Ordered the pork cutlet burger (トンカツバーガー) as well. The set meal comes with a cup of thick cut fries topped with melted cheese and a glass of oolong tea. Chinese chicken burger tasted quite good - three crispy and juicy chicken chunks (like tori karaage) sandwiched between two pieces of fragrant sesame buns. On the other hand, the pork cutlet burger comprised of two pieces of fried pork cutlets - cooked just right, with its moisture retained.

Conclusion: Though the food served was not mind blowing, the beautiful interior and Christmas theme of this particular branch will definitely uplift the mood of every diner.    


Lucky Pierrot ラッキーピエロ (十宇街銀座店)
Opening hours: 1000 - 0030 hrs


Other branches:

(1) Hakodate ekimae branch, located on the first floor of Boni-moriya departmental store (main building).
Opening hours: 1000 - 0030 hrs

(2) Goryokaku koen-mae branch, restaurant located just outside Fort Goryokaku.
Opening hours: 1000 - 0030 hrs

(3) Hakodate Bay branch, restaurant located near Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse.
Opening hours: 1000 - 0030 hrs


Do you know?
Taiwanese singer, Ann (白安) went to Hakodate to shoot the music video for her song 《麦田捕手》(recorded in her first album which was released in 2012). Try to spot Hakodate city night view, Lucky Pierrot (Hakodate Bay branch) and other iconic landmarks of Hakodate in this MV.

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