Friday, January 10, 2014

Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Minami-Nagayama JR Station 南永山駅

Minami-Nagayama JR Station (A31), along Sekihoku main line.
Three stations away from Asahikawa JR Station.
Asahikawa > Minami-Nagayama; train fee = 220 yen

Minami-Nagayama JR station is a "no-man" station; only has a small waiting room for train passengers.
Do note that only local trains stop at this station.


What's nearby:

(1) Uniqlo (Nagayama Outlet)
To my surprise, I could not locate any Uniqlo outlet near Asahikawa JR Station and in Heiwa-dori Shopping Street (being the heart of Asahikawa city). There are only two outlets in Asahikawa - one along Asahimachi-dori and the other located near Minami-Nagayama JR Station (approx 5 mins walk). Shopped at the latter, which has an extensive line-up of products.

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(2) Asahikawa Ramen Village (Ramen Mura)
Asahikawa is well-known for their soya sauce based ramen, which explains why there are many ramen restaurants with established reputation scattered all around the city. Ramen Mura is a one stop place to taste eight popular ramen restaurants, all originated from Asahikawa.

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